On staff since 2007

    916-784-3121, ext. 103

    Where were you born? La Jolla, Calif.

    Spouse or kids? I have an amazing wife (Katie) and five rambunctious children (Macy, Carter, Jude, Cooper and Jackson).

    Favorite Website Company? Clover websites have changed my life. Not really. I'm just a clover groupie because I'm jealous that I didn't invent them. What is a clover site?

    Favorite food? Chocolate chip cookies. I will eat them until I explode.

    Why Ministry? Because God asked.

    Most mysterious thing about God? His timing.

    Last book you didn't finish? The Mission of God by Christopher JH Wright. But I need a little grace; the book is 600 pages long.

    Favorite attribute of God? Grace.

    Where did you go to school? Oakmont High, Cal Poly SLO, Talbot Seminary

    Passions? I get passionate about every new thing I try. My wife hates this about me. This month it is road biking, graphic design, furniture restoration, & drums. Last month it was throwing knives, piano, and landscape architecture. Next have any suggestions?

  • mark Beuving

    associate PASTOR

    On staff since 2016

    Where were you born? Ukiah, CA.

    Spouse or kids? Laura and I have been married since 2005, and we have two fun-loving girls: Abigail (6) and Claire (4).

    Favorite food? All. But if I had to choose only one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be pizza. Or steak. 

    Why Ministry? God has given me a passion for helping people know and enjoy God.

    Most mysterious thing about God? His ability to make something indisputably good and beautiful out of people, things, and situations that seem broken, bleak, and hopeless.

    Last book you didn't finish? To Change the World by James Hunter. Now I'll never know how to do it.

    Favorite attribute of God? Creativity.

    Where did you go to school? Cal Poly SLO, The Master's Seminary

    Last Vacation? I don't understand the question.

    Passions? I love reading, writing, teaching, music, movies, and lots of other things. I love doing anything with my family. 

  • Lisa MCDoNALD

    Kids & Executive Director

    On staff since 2005

    916-784-3121, ext 105

    Where were you born? Just outside Chicago, Ill.

    Spouse and kids? I have been married for 17 years and have two energetic kids who talk almost as much as me and are nearly as wonderful as their father. We are glad to be in the happy valley between diapers and dating.

    Favorite food? Sleep.

    Why ministry? Because God uses fools to confound the wise, otherwise I would not have made the team. Also, God has infused into my DNA a desire to see children grow up into worshipers and followers of Christ, who has ransomed His very life to call us friends.

    Most mysterious thing about God? Why He uses fools at all.

    Last book you didn't finish? I always finish the books I start. Compulsively, at times without food or sleep. I only dare to start a couple a year.

    Favorite attribute of God? Depends on the day, so it must be His ability to be all that I need just when I need it.

    Where did you go to school? Libertyville High, University of Missouri School of Journalism.

    Hidden talents? Wii boxing, painting teeny-tiny toenails pink and delegating. I also speak toddler.

    Last vacation? The Bahamas. I figure we need to enjoy the soft, white, sandy beaches and warm water teeming with fish while we can; rumor has it there may not be an ocean in Heaven. Still, family fun must be a taste of Heaven!

    Passions? For Truth lived out in the power of the Spirit, excellence in all things and family. And good design (after all, I'm married to an uber-talented graphic designer).


    YOUTH director

    On staff since 2012

    916-784-3121, ext 113

    Where were you born? Grand Rapids, MI

    Spouse? I have been married for just over a year to my beautiful wife Lindsay.

    Favorite food? Can't beat a good steak.

    Why ministry? I have a heart to see people come to know God, and grow closer to Him. 

    Most mysterious thing about God? His unconditional love.

    Last book you didn't finish? The real question should be the last book I DID finish, cause I have the hardest time finishing any book I ever start. 

    Favorite attribute of God? His Holiness.

    Where did you go to school? Tehachapi High and Moody Bible Institute, Chicago IL.

    Hidden Talents? Well if I told you they wouldn't be hidden any more now would they? 

    Last Vacation? Lindsay and I just got back from Oregon Coast where it rained every day and I got a flat tire that I had to fix in the middle of a monsoon and got covered in mud...but the restaurants were really good, and we loved just sitting in our room by the fireplace reading a book and watching the huge waves crash. Oh and we toured a cheese factory, that's what makes a real vacation. 

    Passions? Well since I'm a man's man, I love fly-fishing, camping, hunting, and sports. 

  • Aram Babasin

    Worship leader & missional coordinator

    On staff since 2013

    Where were you born? Spokane, WA

    Spouse or kids? I'm lucky enough to be married to Melissa, who does just about everything better than I do. This includes, but is not limited to, taking care of our three kids, Kaela, Mara, and Ari.

    Favorite food? Pizza, because the possibilities are endless...

    Why Ministry? God has given me a heart for people, and helping people grow closer to Him.

    Most mysterious thing about God? His providence, the way He uses our choices and circumstances to accomplish His will.

    Last book you didn't finish? Perspectives Old and New on Paul by Stephen Westerholm. It's not what I would call an easy read.

    Favorite attribute of God? Definitely His love, which was the motivation for our salvation. "God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ." (Eph 2:4-5)

    Where did you go to school? Oakmont High, and currently attending Moody Bible Institute.

    Hidden Talents? Remembering the most mundane, embarrassing things about people and bringing them up at the most opportune times.

    Last Vacation? For our ten year anniversary, my wife and I went to Kauai. We spent two nights backpacking the Napali coastline, and then a few nights relaxing back in civilization.

    Passions? Family, music, backpacking, and climbing the tallest mountains I can find.

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