More Impact

We were made to serve, to reach out beyond ourselves. We were made to have an impact on the world and the people around us. When we focus exclusively on ourselves—our problems, our goals, our interests—our lives become skewed and we lose our impact. Jesus told us to love our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:31). Paul called us to look out for the interests of others, even considering them more important than ourselves (Phil. 2:2–3). In short, if you want to have a greater impact, it means more service, more outreach. As John says, "let us not love in word or in talk, but in deed and in truth" (1 John 3:18). Below, we have listed a few ways to serve in and through Creekside. If you would like to talk to a pastor about your passions, giftings, and how you think God might want to use you, contact Pastor Mark.

  • Local outreach

    Serve God by serving others in our local community. Our missions team has prepared a number of opportunities to help you do that. We can connect you with ministries that need regular volunteers, one-time service opportunities, or a variety of service projects. This could look like serving the homeless community, partnering with a church plant in South Sacramento, mentoring teens, etc. 

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  • Global Missions

    Jesus’ parting words to his followers were a call to go into all parts of the globe and make disciples (Matt. 28:18–20). Creekside is a sending church, which means that we enable people to bring the gospel to places where it has never been heard or has been neglected. We have opportunities to partner with existing missions in Mexico, Italy, Bangladesh, and Cambodia. Take a step of faith and find out more.

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  • kids ministry

    Every Sunday, in every classroom, Creekside children are invited to sing and pray and thank God for all He has done for them. And as kids grow, our gifted song leaders and teachers introduce them to the power of God's living word, so their love and worship will be grounded in the truth about who God is and his great love for us! We always need more help in teaching, inspiring, and shepherd our kids. There is no way to have a great impact than investing in our children.

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  • multiply

    If you want to gain Jesus’ heart for reaching out to the people around you, we challenge you to do our MULTIPLY study. MULTIPLY is a six-week study that examines the methods and teachings of Jesus through the lens of disciple making. This study is designed to empower you to show your neighborhood what it looks like to follow Jesus.

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