We invite you to support the teams prayerfully and financially as they serve around the world. 


    AUGUST 1 - 6

    The team will head to Portland, Oregon to help our missionaries in Portland feel connected to our Creekside family, encouraged and supported as they engage in the hard work of reaching the lost. Some of the ways they'll do this is taking the lead on the roof repair of the Shamblin's home, helping the Babasins move in and hosting a community bbq.


    • Pray that all the support needed is raised
    • Pray for team unity
    • For safety while traveling and on projects
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    JULY 13 - 24

    Creekside will be putting on a high-energy summer camp for inner city teens in Naples, Italy where lives are affected by the consequences of high unemployment, strong mafia influence and drug trade.



    • For unity (this is a team of Creeksiders and non-Creeksiders)
    • That they reach their full support goals
    • For militant optimism as they prepare
    • That they develop a servant-learning style as they engage with the Italian kids and leaders so they can better serve
    • For lives to be transformed and God to be glorified!

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    JUNE 25 - JULY 1

    Creekside and First Baptist of Elverta Church joined together to send a team to Mexico where they are visiting with Creekside missionaries, the Cosgrove Family, building a home for a family in need, and serving with a local Pastor ministering to those in need outside of a hospital. The majority of their week was focused on building the house. Praise God! The building went extremely smoothly and the team was able to spend a great deal of time getting to know the family they were building for because the family was there working every day! For the family, their joy was doubled as they were given the gift of the home; one of the mom's sons had a dream since he was little to provide her with a home. Sadly the mom has cancer and the son dropped out of school to work to provide for the family, but he saved enough to buy the land to build the house on. What a delight for the team to know that their act of obedience in responding to God's call to go and serve resulted in not just meeting a physical need but fulfilling a lifelong dream! Each team member contributed this week, including Kevin Steputis who shared a beautiful testimony of how God used others to impact his life. The team is finishing out the week with hearts of thanksgiving and reminded of God's abundant love.


    JuNE 2 - 11

    Glory to God! The team we sent worked alongside YFC staff in Bangladesh hosting a VBS for the 100+ children from all of the BYFC children's homes, including the children sponsored by Creekside.

    What a joyous time they had as some team members reunited with the children and other team members met the children they sponsor for the first time!  Many happy tears were shed by all. Days were filled with bible lessons, discussions, crafts and games. It was a tremendous encouragement for the team to see the fruit of our earlier years of investing in sewing the seeds of the gospel there. This was seen in witnessing how the older kids led the program and shared their knowledge of Christ with the younger kids. Nights were filled with cultural exchanges of singing, dancing and musical performances both by the team and by the kids. 

    Each team member gave of themselves and it was a clear picture of God’s family working as his hands and feet in unity. Though kids were sick with fevers, power outages occurred, and there were significant language barriers, the exchanges of encouragement, friendship, and God’s love flowed freely and all were filled with exceeding joy.

    This week was an example of the care, support and love that local staff and house parents and the team pour into the kids and community. We praise God that for so many years, you have helped make this happen! Join us in prayer as we thank God for the lives that are physically saved from dire circumstances and for the spiritual transformation happening now and that is yet to come.

  • cambodia

    june 16 - 26

    Praise God! Creekside sent a team to Cambodia in February to build a house for a family in need. In the initial stages of forming the team, God provided twice the amount of men needed to go which meant they were able to divide into two teams and build two houses! A.I.M. informed the team that they were the first all-male team they've sent to Cambodia in all their years of ministry. When they arrived, the community watched them build all week and they said they were the first group of white men coming to their country to do good and not to utilize their child brothels. It was a powerful reminder to the team that their simple act of obedience to responding to God's call to go could impact an entire community! 

    Again the team saw God at work in that after one of the teams began to build the home for one family, they found out they were building it for a man who had sold his daughters into slavery. While they were discouraged and sickened to hear the news, they continued to work alongside him and together built the house. Part of the restoration process is to address the needs and hearts of those who have been rescued from trafficking but also for the families and communities who have been affected, including those who participated. Jesus rescued those on the team, and they in turn were able to plant seeds of hope into that man. Again, they were a light for the community who saw this group of men showing kindness to a man who did not deserve it.

    Creekside saw the impact both on the teams and the community and having heard of more ways to minister there saw fit to send another team this month. This team was a smaller team of families who served at a church and community center in Svay Pak. More than half of the team that went to Cambodia came directly from having served on the Bangladesh mission trip. The teams week was filled by teaching English classes, bible studies, crafts, games, washing hair and providing rice to families in desperate need.

    God supplied them with enough energy and room in their hearts to learn about the issues in Cambodia, the culture and the people so they could better serve them. At times the team was overwhelmed with the poverty before them and again God supplied them with beautiful pictures of who He is through many acts of brotherly love. All on the team have expressed interest in returning. Join us in prayer for God's plans to send another team, for the staff at A.I.M., and for the communities where God is at work; that they would be refreshed, sustained and bring glory to God!