a place to worship

We make it a point to let kids know that school is for learning, but church is for meeting with God. That is why we call our programs Kids Worship Services instead of Sunday School.
Just like you, kids will have an opportunity to meet with God through hearing His Word and responding to Him in prayer and singing, in a format that is tailored to their age group.

SAFETY FIRST AND ALWAYS // Policies to put your mind at ease

All of our volunteers are thoroughly screened and trained. Want to serve? Let us know!

Pagers available by request; if you don't hear from us, all is well!

We are careful to check our allergy report before serving snack.

Kids never leave class unaccompanied. Bathroom breaks are supervised by an adult, who waits outside the restroom.

Big KIDS (Pre-k - 3rd)

BELIEF BUILDERS // Pre-K & Kindergarten

New to the world of reading, Pre-K and Kindergarten students will use their very own Jesus Storybook Bible to discover firsthand how they fit into the amazing Story of God. What a great reason to learn to read! (To learn more about this great book, click here.)

BIBLE BUDDIES // 1st grade

Now experienced in the use of books, our first grade students are ready to learn how to use the only book authored by God Himself. Children will discover that God has breathed life into the entire Bible and that when we believe its words, we can experience eternal life!

WHY JESUS? // 2nd grade

Our sweet and silly second graders are at the perfect age to discover not only who Jesus is, but also why the Father sent Him, how He treated people while He was here, and what it means to know Him as their Savior. Bring a Bible; we will use it every week! 

GOD FROM A - Z // 3rd grade

We believe that knowing God better always leads to loving Him more. That’s why our 3rd graders will spend ten months discovering the many amazing characteristics of God, from Almighty to Zealous!


Young readers benefit from large type sizes (12pt or larger) and shorter sentences. (So do some adults!) For this reason, we use the New International Reader's Version in our 1st - 3rd grade programs. The International Children's Bible is also a great choice! Whatever version you choose, keep in mind that many parts of the Bible are PG! Be sure to read along with your child, or select passages that are appropriate for their age.


LITTLE LAMBS // Infants and Toddlers

Play and nurturing are the languages of love through which we speak the Truth of God’s love to our littlest ones. These adjoining rooms allow children to move seamlessly from barely walking to independent toddling. We provide diaper changing service in both rooms, as well as a CPR-certified early childhood professional who works both services. 

FUNTIME FRIENDS // Two-year-olds

In a room built for fun and potty-training, our two-year-olds will discover God, the Creator. Each week they will explore something new God made, from light to bugs ... to US!

BUSY EXPLORERS // Three- & Four-year-olds

Our preschoolers will experience God’s Truth through purposeful, hands-on play in learning centers designed to engage their senses and imaginations.