sharing the mercy and hope that is found in Christ and His Gospel with the people of Mexico.

The hospital in Ensenada, Mexico specializes in cancer and neonatal treatments. Patients are commonly transferred there from several hours away, and their families end up waiting outside the hospital for days or weeks hoping their loved one will be able to come home soon.These families have often arrived with nothing other than the clothes they are wearing, and end up sleeping wherever they can find a bench or patch of dirt. There is no waiting room, and the only way they will get information is if they are at the hospital when there are updates.

Campo Amor is a church located in the farming community of Maneadero, Mexico, which is about a 20 minute drive outside of Ensenada. Campo Amor has been ministering to the families at the hospital for the last 4 years - bringing the love of Christ, warm food and drink, the truth of the Gospel and prayer to those outside the hospital every week.

The video below is Pastor Francisco Torres of Campo Amor describing the ministry and their hopes for the House of Mercy.

Praise God - The House of Mercy Opened April 2015!!

The House of Mercy provides these families a safe place to stay, warm food to eat, a place to do laundry and shower, communication with the hospital about the care and treatment of their family member, and ministers to share the hope of the Gospel.

Since opening in April, the House of Mercy has been used to reach many people and families with the love, mercy and truth of Christ's Gospel.  Campo Amor has ministered to people celebrating the birth of a loved one, those with a loved one fighting for their lives, and those mourning the loss of a loved one.  On several occasions, the two dorm rooms have been completely full and they've had to turn people away.  In July, Creekside converted a small office into another bedroom, but that still hasn't been enough room on some nights.

In June and July 2016, Creekside will return to Mexico to help Campo Amor complete their original vision by building a second dorm building.  The additional building will be set up to house as many people as possible - most likely another 24 beds.

Construction will take place over 6 consecutive weeks starting June 5th.  No construction experience is needed.  We simply need people willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we complete this final building.  GET INFORMATION ABOUT THE MISSION TRIPS